Ultimate Decluttering Guide
Ultimate Decluttering Guide
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Ultimate Decluttering Guide

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Do you have to smush stuff out of the way to find what you need in your closets, drawers, and cabinets?

Do you often spend your precious time searching for items you KNOW you have?

Here's how to declutter your home... when you don't know where to start


No amount of tidying ever makes it feel clean.

You beat yourself up, and feel like a failure at organization.

And you'd be SO embarrassed if anyone saw all your piles.

But it's not an organization problem...

...it's a 'too much stuff' problem.

And the clearer your space, the clearer your mind.


  • No more overstuffed drawers, closets, and cabinets.
  • No more wasted TIME searching for things you can't find.
  • No more wasted MONEY buying things you already have.
  • No more wasted ENERGY spent dusting, washing, cleaning and putting away items you don't love.
  • The FREEDOM and breathing room of a calm environment.
  • The POWER to decide to only keep belongings that bring you happiness.

Here's what's included:

  • A SIMPLE 5-step process so you can take action right away
  • Room-by-room checklists so you can tackle any space one item at a time
  • Decluttering challenges for when you need extra motivation (7, 15, and 30 day challenges, PLUS a 52 week challenge, and declutter bingo!)
  • Specific questions to ask yourself so you know what to keep and what to toss
  • Decluttering planner so you can make a solid plan of attack (that works for you!)
  • A fun tracker for you to check off each box or bag you fill
  • Printable tags you can use to sort and organize everything
  • Yard sale planner so you can make money while decluttering
  • Seasonal decluttering checklist so you'll know which areas to tackle throughout the year

Use this system to have a clutter-free home!